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The Sunflower Mercantile Co. was established since 1927 by Mr. George Yue. His son Mr. T.C. Yue has taken over this company for 63 years and had been elected as the Chairman of Taiwan Hat Exporters’ Association for 21 years. We have many affiliated companies located in Taiwan, HK and China. The Sunflower Mercantile is a diversified trend and fashion hats and bags manufacturer, mainly focused on OEM business.
We are a leading company of Paper/P.P./ Straw hats, bags and mats which are all handmade in Taiwan. We use various materials such as paper, P.P., straw, sheer metallic and horse hair to meet customer’s different needs. Our customers are all around the world including Unite states, South America, Australia, England, Italy, France, Japan and South Africa. Good quality and service really matter. We care about customer’s requirements and feedbacks for always. It is our honor to have business collaboration with you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at carollo@sunflowerhat.com.tw
And visit us at www.sunflowerhat.url.tw